Open Up The Skies


VELUX Skylights, designed for both within-reach and out-of-reach applications, can transform any room into the best room in the house. Available in a variety of sizes that will easily integrate into your ceiling and roof construction.
Deck mounted skylights, coupled with VELUX step flashing kits, offer you the best, most watertight installation method available. Great for all climatic regions of the United States, deck mounted skylights are particularly well suited for areas where ice, snow and freezing rain are prevalent. VELUX deck mounted skylights are the only skylights available for combined applications. Deck mounted skylights combine an insulating glass lens, a wood frame and protective cladding into one unit that is mounted directly to the roof deck. Flashing kits are available for most roofing materials like asphalt shingles, metal roofing and tile. Blinds and controls and copper cladding are also available. Receive a FREE quote Contact Us!!
With a VELUX venting skylight, any home can embrace the best of what nature has to offer. Opening for maximum fresh air, the venting skylight contributes to a home’s proper moisture balance and comfort level by allowing stale, humid air to be released. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, the venting skylight opens to allow maximum ventilation. The venting skylight comes in manual or electric operation. Receive a FREE quote Contact Us!!

Fixed skylights are perfect for visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in, dark spaces that can be transformed with light and sky views. It provides an economical alternative in creating a spacious home that is filled with natural light.

The curb mounted fixed skylight is sized to work with all types of site-built curbs, whether they’re slightly out-of-square, pre-existing, or surrounded by unusually thick flashing and roofing material. Heavy-duty materials ensure the FCM is built to withstand the installation process, as well as anything Mother Nature throws its way.

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The Sun Tunnel® is the easiest, most affordable way to add style, beauty and value to your home. It offers the perfect solution for hallways, bathrooms, walk-in-closets — anywhere that would benefit from natural light, but does not require a view to the world. Receive a FREE quote Contact Us!!
Sun-screening Accessories & Controls

  • Roller Shades – provide filtered lighting or room darkening.
  • LightBlock Shades can increase energy efficiency up to 20%. It provides total room darkening when lowered, excluding even the brightest sunlight.
  • Pleated Shades can increase energy efficiency up to 12%.
  • Venetian Blinds increase thermal performance up to 12%.
  • Electric controls raise or lower the shades at the touch of a button.

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