Open Up The Skies

About Us

What We Do
We specialize in the repair and replacement of skylights as well as the roof systems around them. We also do new skylight installations, all types of roof repairs and roof issue consulting.
Our History
We began our company in 1998 with a previous 25 years of general contracting, construction management commercial and residential roofing experience. Since 1998 we have honed our skills in a problem solving niche with extreme customer service
Our Customers
We have thousands of clients that have found a resolution to their chronic nagging skylight and roof issues and obtained lasting peace of mind
Our Territory
Colorado Springs, El Paso and surrounding Counties.
Our Products
We use the highest quality products and materials available with the goal that you never have to think of us again, until you refer us to your friends.
We are dealers & certified installers for
We also supply
for our acrylic dome installations.
Both of these products are of superior quality and durability and we have seen them survive numerous hail storms on the same roofs where other brands were destroyed.